The online collaboration platform and process from Omnicom.

It harnesses the power of Connected Brilliance by delivering breakthrough cross-agency thinking to our clients, at speed.

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AGENCIES: BBDO, DAS, DDB, OMG, TBWA. Adelphi, Alcone, AMV BBDO, BBDO Spain, Beanstalk, Blue Current, C Space, CCS, CDM Group, Cedar, CPM, Critical Mass, Daggerwing, DDB New York, DDB Health, Doremus, Energy BBDO, Entrée Health, Flamingo, Fleishman Hillard, GMR, Go! Experience Design, Hall & Partners, Harrison & Shriftman, Harrison and Star, HCG, IMS, Integer, Javelin, Ketchum, LLNS, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Maslansky + Partners, MMG, OMD, Omnicom PR Group, PHD London, Porter Novelli, Proximity, RAPP, Sancho BBDO/Columbia, Siegel + Gale, TBWA, The Marketing Arm, TPN, Wolff Olins.

CITIES: Atlanta, Bangkok, Barcelona, Bath, Beachwood, Beijing, Bellmore, Berlin, Bogota, Bollington, Boston, Boulogne Billancourt, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Calgary, Cedar Hill, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Coral Gables, Dallas, Darien, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Dobbs, Ferrry, Dubai, Dublin, Durban, Edgartown, fairfield, Frankfurt, Greenwich, Helsinki, Hingham, Hong Kong, Houston, Ingelheim, Irvine, Johannesburg, Kansas City, Kenosha, Krakow, Lakewood, Leeds, London, Los Angeles, Macclesfield, Madrid, Manchester, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milwaukee, Minas Tirith, Montreal, Morton Grove, Morton Grove IL, Mumbai, Nashville, New Delhi, New Rochelle, New York City, Nottingham, Notts, Oak Brook, Orange County CA, Oxford, Paddock Wood, Paris, Pasadena, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland OR, Princeton, Raleigh NC, Redondo Beach, Rockville, San Francisco, San Jose, São Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Southport, St. Louis, Stoke-on-Trent, Sydney, Tallahassee, Tokyo, Toronto, Valencia, Washington DC, West Hollywood, Winter Haven.

CLIENTS: Fitbit, McDonald’s, Merck, Dyson, Water.Org, VW Group, One Hundred, Boehringer Ingelheim, Wells Fargo, Hasbro, Biogen, ALSA, Microsoft, Link, Odeon, Telefonica, General Motors, Mothercare, Miller Coors, P&G, Philips, Pfizer, LG, Visa, Adidas, AstraZeneca, Airbnb, OI Glass, NatureSweet, Boiler Room, Pfizer, Lifeboats, CurrysPCWorld, Citibank, DIAGEO, GravityLight.

"The process and ideas brought to the table were great…the ideas were spot on in terms of what Airbnb is working on for the future!"
LOUKAS TOURKAMANIS, Customer Experience Ops Manager.
"I'm so glad we did this session… you’ve taken it to a completely different place then I went when I first saw the ideas. It feels much bigger, more impactful - and I can really do something, not only for the business short term but also for the brand… that’s huge. I can’t wait to get concepts together, now I’m like how quickly can I do this!"
ANGIE BLISSETT, Marketing Director, Promotions & Activations.
"What a fantastic session! Great, thoughtful ideas: validating what we're already doing, challengeing what we haven't done or thought of yet"
SEBASTIAN MONK, Director of Direct Retail, Northern Europe.
"With Shape we have found that thin balance between thinking out of the box and still have tangible results we can put into business immediately, or safe a spot for on the long-term roadmap. The sparks of enthusiasm of the Shape team has surpassed those of the people involved in the workshop and lit a fire as high as the MT. Being a health tech company, we can surely say….This is exactly what the doctor ordered!"
ANNE-STERRE MEES, Sr. Global Consumer & Market Intelligence Manager.


SHAPE is a nimble process that gets you from a strategic objective to fresh and actionable directions for your challenge. It is designed to be totally pain-free for both you and your agency.


The team gets to know the client and the agency(ies). They go through the process and answer any and all questions.


We get under the skin of your challenge and design the perfect SHAPE brief to engage our expert thinkers on the SHAPE platform.


Where the magic happens! We spend time online with our expert thinkers to create diverse and breakthrough ideas. We also to a pulse check halfway through to share emerging themes and star ideas before agreeing on key areas to stretch further.


The Team analyses and refines the best SHAPE ideas and insights, which are then used as stimulus in a multiagency and client co-creation session. We forge critical alignment and map concrete next steps to execution.


We collate feedback and builds on ideas that need to be considered further down the line. We get back in touch at prescheduled milestones to make the most of all the SHAPE output.

"Everything is awesome with SHAPE"

Don Crowther, Director of In-Store Management, LG

At SHAPE, we believe that diversity breeds results.

We offer a simple yet powerful way for you to tap into top talent from an amazing array of Omnicom agencies all over the world. This diverse group can come together to help you and your agency unlock fresh and radical ‘out of the box’ ideas.

Why should I use SHAPE?

No matter what business you’re in (or which great agency you call your own), being a part of Omnicom means that you can use SHAPE to tap into our enormous and diverse pool of epic talent, at speed. Great when you need an injection of lateral thinking to unlock fresh and unique opportunities for your brand.

Does SHAPE replace my agency?

Nope! You and your agency can use SHAPE to complement the world-class creative thinking, dedicated service, and business-building work they already provide. It gives you access to super talented people from across Omnicom. Think PR, consumer marketing, shopper marketing, public affairs, health, sports, trends, entertainment, social, digital, mobile, media, programming, analytics and everything in between. All collaborating to provide an epic addition to the creativity your agency delivers every single day.

When should I use SHAPE?

SHAPE loves a crunchy, knotty, tricky challenge that would benefit from a brand new point of view. So far it’s tackled everything from engaging those pesky millennials, to rebranding a century old disease.
SHAPE takes your challenge through a process built entirely to fit you. That includes crafting the perfect brief, using our proprietary online platform of top Omnicom talent, generating fresh ideas, then curating and delivering the best of them in a powerful, half-day session delivered by an expert team. And just like that…you’ll be left with clear, actionable ideas and inspiring new directions to help you and your agency make the smartest next steps.
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We’ll help you craft the perfect challenge to get the best results.


How can one of the world's most innovative pharma brands use digital to resonate with young men with a rare disorder scattered across the USA?


Use a digital campaign to drive awareness about the launch a new product to their target audience of young sport enthusiasts?


How should one of the world's most popular airlines use both online and offline experiential tactics to differentiate their economy class long haul flight experience for their frequent fliers?

Meet some of our SHAPErs


SHAPE is a limited process provided by Omnicom as an investment to their clients. If you would like to use SHAPE for a challenge you're working on please contact your agency. If you would like more information on what SHAPE can do for you please get in touch with the Team here.
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Scoping and Immersion
Challenge Writing
Conflict and sign off
Stakeholder engagement
A redefined challenge


Challenge management
Member engagement (including value exchange incentives)
Analysis and idea development


Curated half day SHAPE Session
Expert moderation
Agency and Brand stakeholders
Packaged outputs
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"Try it. You won’t regret it."

Gary Kibble, Global Brand and Marketing Director, Mothercare